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I am Dr. Brandi Griffin. I'm from the small town of Danbury. Yes, Danbury, which is about 25 minutes south of Pearland. I am a graduate of Baylor University and Texas Chiropractic College. I also have two amazing little boys. I was led to Chiropractic as a subtle suggesstion from my momma (guess she was tired of waiting for me to decide what I was going to do after graduating from Baylor.)

I have been educated through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). I have been helping families by using hands-on-technique; correcting your subluxation allows your innate intelligence to reconnect to itself. 


So what is Innate Intelligence? 

How does the innate intelligence in your body communicate with all of the body parts?  How does it know to heal your right thumb when you smash it with a hammer and at the same time know to heal a bacterial infection from a cut in your left foot?  How does your innate intelligence know to absorb some nutrients and to reject others, and at the same time know to grow and develop the muscles that you just worked out at the gym?  That is the inborn wisdom, called innate intelligence, that God placed in our bodies that was designed to develop us and keep us healthy throughout our lifetimes.

With chiropractic, types of discomforts and complications have often aided in a safer and quicker labor for Mom and baby. I have attended many births and helped mothers with pelvic alignments and checked their baby for Subluxation's once they are born. I believe all babies should be checked within the first week of delivery.

I work with many infants and children and have a history of success in correcting subluxations in pediatric cases with ear infections, colic, acid reflux, shoulder dystocia, torticollis, ADD/ADHD and many other health issues often unresolved by other treatments.


My goal is to educate as many moms and kids about chiropractic and to correct the Subluxation's of the world one adjustment at a time.

Dr. Michelle Hutson, LMT, D.C.

Massage Therapits, Chiropractor



 Balanced Aspirations


I am Dr.  A. Michelle Williams Hutson.

I was born and  raised in Lafayette, Louisiana but made my way to Atlanta, Georgia for undergrad and obtained a B.S. in Biology from Morris Brown College (MBC). Yes, the school that was in the movie Drumline.


It was while at MBC that I developed an interest in Chiropractic. The words "using your hands to help heal the body" ressonnated with me and led me to Texas Chiropractic College.


I am also a licensed massage therapist. It was once a back-up plan to Chiropractic but now is an intergral part in what I do. I apply the skills and knowledge that I learned in my education and practical application of these two professions. So, I adjust and provide individualized bodywork to help balance the body allowing one's innate intelligence to reconnect to itself.


I assist Moms during pregnacy and after pregnancy with all the changes their body is going through during that time, and infant massage when needed. I also work with professional athletes and athletic adolescents with

injury prevention, maintenance, and recovery.


My goal is to educate Moms and all levels of athletes about the benefits of Chiropractic and Massage as being a consistent part of one's health in prevention and maintenance.






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